Energy monitoring and control dashboard
Energy consumption and production information
Gateway status information
Current weather information

TELINT's Energy Monitoring and Management Dashboard is a web-based Platform that allows users to monitor and control the energy consumption within their space via a fully responsive, user-friendly web Interface.

The Dashboard has been developed to be vendor-neutral as well as hardware and protocol-agnostic. It can be deployed from embedded PCs such as Raspberry Pi, up to cloud servers, and allows the integration of an abundance of different IoT technologies into one.

Through the Dashboard the user is able to monitor energy consumption and production and control the actuation of devices, which are connected to the system. It supports multiple protocols (e.g. KNX, BACNet, Z-Wave, etc.), and is fully configurable, displaying the information in values and graph formats. It also provides information on weather and billing/pricing.

The Dashboard can be integrated with infrastructures supporting renewable energy producers to participate in the energy market.