A Water Management Solution
Fully-Responsive Graphical User Interface
Monitoring of Water Properties
Analysis of Historical Data


TELINT offers an innovative, real-time data monitoring and management web platform that facilitates remote operation. It allows the operators to oversee the correct functioning of diverse water processing and desalination systems, in a fast and reliable way. The platform can easily be integrated with legacy systems, processing units, smart meters, sensor installations, and centralised management systems as a third party application. It offers enhancements to legacy systems and provides additional complementary services by customising the existing installations to meet ever-changing user needs.

The TELINT platform offers the system operator real-time monitoring of water properties in order to determine water quality, and other desired features. Measurements from the existing installations (sensors, smart meters, etc.) are displayed in the form of gauges, graphs and tables through a Graphical User Interface. These data can be exported in various data formats/files. An embedded alerting capability allows for the configuration of operator-defined event alerts, supported through e-mail and SMS. Furthermore the operator has the option to perform analyses of historical data. They make comparisons with or study historical measurements using an inte- grated search functionality based on date and time.

The platform is of a dynamic design that can be adapted to the operator needs with ease. The responsive, web-based design provides an additional advantage, which allows the platform to be fully operable on multiple devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.