Demonstrate Ecosystem Services Enabling Innovation in the Water Sector

The DESSIN project is a 4-year project aiming at demonstrating and promoting innovative solutions related to water-challenges with a focus on water scarcity and water quality issues (related to the implementation of the EC's Water Framework Directive)

DESSIN will launch demonstration projects of innovative solutions for these challenges, wiht special focus on urban areas. Solutions will integrate technological, monitoring, modeling and management approaches for a more resource-efficient and competitive water sector in Europe. As a second key feature, an Evaluation Framework to account for changes in the value of ecosystem services (ESS) of water bodies that result from implementation of the solutions will be developed and applied.

By adopting this twofold approach, we will be able to demonstrate how innovative solutions integrated in the water cycle can increase the value of the services provided by freshwater ecosystems, thus generating additional incentives and arguments for their market uptake and practical implementation. This will support innovation and competitiveness in water management by enabling a more informed selection of the most promising solutions, as regards their impact on the water body and their economic implications.

The DESSIN project is centered around the following suite of carefully selected sites across Europe, representative of global major water challenges, where we bring together public and private water management organisations and end-users, technology providers (SMEs), supporting RTD experts and relevant public authorities to demonstrate this approach:

  • Emscher (Germany),
  • Hoffselva (Oslo area, Norway),
  • Westland (The Netherlands),
  • Athens (Greece) and
  • Llobregat (Barcelona Area, Spain).