Deployable SAR Integrated Chain with Unmanned Systems

The DARIUS Project was a 3-year R&D project aimed at providing unmanned platforms for search and rescue operations, while at the same time ensuring their interoperability for inter-agency use.

The motivation behind initiating DARIUS was due to the fact that unmanned systems through military programs and numerous R&D projects were becoming operationally mature. The use of unmanned systems in Search and Rescue operations can now be envisaged to enhance first responder capabilities and intervene in hazardous areas.

The DARIUS project leveraged previous R&D efforts on technologies and possible added-value of unmanned systems for situation awareness to envisage their adaptation and integration in complex multi-national/agency SAR operations.

The main objective of DARIUS was to reach effective levels of interoperability so these systems can be shared between several organisations. This objective was achieved through the design and development of a Generic Ground Station with associated proposed standards, a full integration in the command and control cycle and a consistent communication network.

Additionally, DARIUS adapted existing unmanned systems and their payloads (air, ground and maritime) to the specificities of the Search and Rescue missions. The resulting solutions were evaluated in real conditions through 3 scenarios (Urban, forest fires and maritime SAR) designed by the end-users.